Biden Fundraising Total for June Month Outpaces Donald Trump

Biden Fundraising Total for June Month Outpaces Donald Trump

The Donald Trump and Joseph Robinette Biden campaign each announced massive fundraising for elections. Biden as the former vice president is doing a lot of efforts to unseat President Donald Trump and to gain momentum.

In the period of pandemic and continuous economic free fall, Donald Trump’s reelection campaign and The Republican National Committee on Wednesday evening announced that for the three months they have raised $266 million which ends on 30 June which includes $131 million in June alone.

After this a few hours later The Democratic National Committee and Biden’s campaign announced that they have raised $282 million in four months in which they raised 141 million in June alone. Unusually, a Challenger’s campaign has raised more funds than the president’s campaign.

Campaign manager Jen O’Malley Dillon wrote in an email to supporters that all the voters in our country are looking for a president who should have qualities such as experience, empathy, compassion, character, and steady leadership and all the voters see these qualities in vice President Joe Biden.

Frequent fundraises were conducted by Biden with high dollar donors, and the average number of online donations was $34. But the Biden campaign has not yet said how much money they have in the bank. Full details will be out in public till 20 July.

These all things and state polls show that Trump is completely behind Biden’s campaign due to his response to the administration towards the protests towards racism and pandemic. The recent analysis of the Electoral College battleground from NPR showed that there is no such candidate who has occupied all the seats in an election. There is big suspense for all of us about upcoming elections in the USA.