Bigg Boss 14 Update January 19, 2021: Contestants Play for the Necessities

A very interesting task has been set up by the Bigg Boss, where all the contestants are divided into 2 teams. Team A whose captain is Rahul Vadiya, the other team members are Ali Goni, Sonali Phogat, Arshi and Niki. Team B whose captain is Rubina Dailak, and the team members are Abhinav Shukla, Devoleena, Rakhi, Vikas Gupta.

The task is Bigg Boss has locked the house and all the contestants are sitting in the living area, they will have to resist or either use the amenities inside the house by giving points. The team with the highest points Loses.

Niki Tamboli although being in Rahul Vaidiya Team but began playing from Team B. Thus, she used the washroom, she even did make up thus, the team B was leading by 6 points. Then Rahul spoke to Rakhi and as she wanted to use the Washroom, and Arshi has locked the outside Washroom, thus Rakhi had to use the inside washroom and then Rahul inserted that she used 5 points.

There started a huge fight between Rahul and Rubina, where Rahul accused Abhinav of not supported Rubina. He took this matter as it was discussed during the Weekend ka War. The episode ended on a note where Rubina, Abhinav are accusing Rahul and Ali Goni and there is a massive verbal spat between these 4.

The task is overall exciting as Bigg Boss brought in plates of burgers and rice to allure the contestants, and Niki ate one of Burger giving away more 3 points.

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