Binary of Modi bhakt vs Rahul fan hurts Oppn, no space for nuanced argument: Prashant Kishor

Binary of Modi bhakt vs Rahul fan hurts Oppn, no space for nuanced argument: Prashant Kishor

Prashant Kishor. (Photo: PTI/File)

Political strategist Prashant Kishor acknowledged that there was as soon as a dearth of nuanced argument in politics and lamented that the binary of either being a supporter of High Minister Narendra Modi or Congress chief Rahul Gandhi is hurting the Opposition.

In a typical interview with Raj Chengappa, Kishor replied to a set up a query to to his earlier remarks of “hasty fixes is no longer going to work”.

He spoke back: “…These forms of challenges are giant and intricate, and it is major to comprise a nuanced thought, and arguments and formations which are multi-layered rather than factual binaries.”

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Explaining further, he acknowledged, “There is not a allege for any nuanced argument. You is also either a Modi bhakt or a Rahul Gandhi one. This binary is what hurts and weakens the Opposition.”

— IndiaToday (@IndiaToday) December 12, 2021

Kishor, who has been credited for Mamata Banerjee’s landslide victory in West Bengal, acknowledged, “As a nation, we seem to comprise moved into T20 mode—everything must be settled in eventually, everything must be a trip or no, a WhatsApp college where everything needs to be acknowledged in one line.”

In answer to a set up a query to on whether Rahul Gandhi should always smooth shuffle away from Congress presidency, he acknowledged: “I looked on the Congress’ file below Sonia Gandhi’s management, because she has been the longest-serving Congress president with 25 years as its head.”

“Her electoral strike rate works out to somewhere around 31-32 per cent, or one third of the elections the Congress fought. When Rahul Gandhi was as soon as the president, his strike rate was as soon as a minute bit of greater, around 34 -35 p.c. Both are no longer ample video display recordsdata. But since 2019, when no person is aware of who the chief is, the strike rate has long gone appropriate down to 10 per cent or less,” Prashant Kishor added.

The political strategist furthermore acknowledged that if the Congress needs to become the BJP’s necessary challenger, it must “rob the a similar of 40 per cent” of the closing 60 per cent that is no longer vote casting the BJP.

“The Congress has 19 per cent of the vote portion—less than half of the 40 per cent it needs. So, a alternate in formation and strategy and better efforts might possibly presumably also push that as much as 25-30 per cent, and it is rather doable,” Prashant Kishor suggested India This day.

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