Blake Shelton helps TikTok girl’s song explode on the charts- who’s Wrenn?


Blake Shelton helped spread the word about a TikTok star’s single track and now it is blowing up the charts, and all this happened with one single tweet. His tweet helped Wrenn launch her new single with a bang. Wrenn, who is an LA-based musician, had grown quite popular on TikTok before her debut song ‘Hailey’.

Once the video was posted which featured the song, it was a clear hit with her fans. Blake shouted her out on Twitter. He showcased the song as a sensational and exploding number by giving an introduction about her dad as a very talented guy, Paulmirk. He asked everyone to listen to Wrenn’s new song which soon became a chartbuster hit.

Wrenn replied to Blake’s Tweet that it was so nice of him. Wrenn was always on tours with her dad, who is a musician himself. The exposure to music at a small age led her to pick up the electric guitar at the tender age of nine. She learned to write songs as a teenager and learned the art of mastering the songs on her own. 

Written by Diksha

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