Bloodborne Kart is a new fan project from the creators of the PSX demake

bloodborneIts seventh birthday was earlier this week, and while FromSoftware has left fans languishing without a PC port, Lilith Walther — creator of the popular bloodborne PSX demake – continues to keep the community nurtured, watered and loved with her new fan project: Bloodborne Kart

Bloodborne Kart seems to be exactly what the name implies: a bloodborne kart racer. It has the same graphics and overall vibe as the PSX demake, but instead of taking down filthy beasts, the Hunter now gets the chance to roam the streets of Yharnam and possibly beyond on a great motorcycle. I hope there will be the opportunity to race against my favorites such as Father Gascoigne, Micolash and Gehrman as well as some of bloodborne‘s less-humanoid inhabitants like… why not, the orphan of Kos. To be Bloodborne Kart – There are no rules. The title screen music — created by Evelyn Larkwho also composed the music for bloodborne PSX — is already a certified bop.

Like she did with Bloodborne PSXWalther will provide daily development updates on her Twitter page, with fun tidbits about creating such an unexpected but right on time project.

According to Walther, there is no fixed release date on bloodborne kart, stating that it will “come out as soon as it’s ready”. Take your time – we all know it’s probably out before release bloodborne PC port anyway.

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