BMW’s Color-Changing Car Has Roots In the Amazon Kindle

BMW’s Color-Changing Car Has Roots In the Amazon Kindle


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The BMW iX Flow concept. A car is transitioning from a black to a white paint job.

Of the entire ordinary and engaging issues shown right through CES 2022, BMW’s iX Trudge theory will likely be the most ordinary. This experimental technology allows you to change your car’s paint job at the frenzy of a button, and oddly ample, it has roots in the Amazon Kindle.

It’s a ordinary connection, nonetheless hello, the iX Trudge technology is very ordinary. It’s correct a extensive E Ink cloak plastered on the outdoor of a car. Adore the E Ink cloak on a Kindle, the iX Trudge wrapper can transition between sad, white, and gray colours by pulsing electrical currents through dinky microcapsules the scale of a human hair.

These microcapsules flip between pigments when stimulated by an electrical fresh, and oddly ample, their pigment stays in situation with none extra energy usage. It’s also fee noting that, even supposing the iX Trudge theory shown at CES 2022 isn’t precisely “intellectual,” future E Ink applied sciences might perchance dramatically extend its palette.

Ample, so what’s the level in a coloration-changing car? BWM explains that gentle colours replicate warmth and pause icy, whereas darker colours secure warmth and web warmth. In an electrical car, this theory might perchance merit cut energy usage by reflecting warmth on warmth days and, you guessed it, spirited warmth on icy days.

But don’t demand to eradicate a coloration-changing car any time quickly. BMW says that iX Trudge is level-headed correct a theory, and to be precise, the E Ink wrapper might perchance be somewhat fragile. Within the event you’ve ever considered a Kindle with a broken cloak, you know you don’t desire a car with a broken E Ink paint job.

Source: BMW