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Bono, in the Final Stages of Writing a Memoir About his Early Life


The lead vocalist and a lyricist of the rock band U2, Paul David Hewson, popularly known as Bono, will give his fans an insight into his life, as he is writing his memoir, which has reached the final stage. He is the first member of his band, who has signed a deal with the Penguin Random House to write his autobiography.

The band’s former manager Paul McGuinness helped in negotiating the book deal. Many years ago, the deal took place, and the book was supposed to get released by 2019 end. But there is a delay, as Bono took more time to work on the book, as whatever would interest the audience is very private. The book is about the private affair between five men working together for nearly 40 years.

The book, once published, will be available for release all over the world. The singer, who is also known for his philanthropic endeavors, has incorporated his life journey in the book. He has written all about his early life, meeting with his band, and his campaign on poverty. The book will also throw light on his near-death experience, about which not much is known to the public.


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