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Brian Austin Green had rumors of separation with Megan Fox after Green shared the message of getting bored

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On Saturday, in the Instagram post by the “Beverly Hills 90210” star that added much more to the confusion. The photo is about a butterfly that is sitting on the purple flower. In the caption there was that mostly the butterflies get easily bored by sitting on a flower for a longer duration. After that, they start feeling restricted. The world is very big and lovely which they want to experience.

There was a tattoo at the back of Fox which states that at gilded butterflies, we all laugh.

Through a source, it was known during last month that Fox and Green are living separately during this pandemic of coronavirus. Though they are living and spending time away from each other, still they do not want to file a case of divorce at present.

They both have 3 children who are Noah Shannon of 7 years, Bodhi Ransom of 4 years, and Journey River of 3 years. In their relationship, there are always rumors that they are getting separated. Before the birth of their third child, Fox had filed the divorce but then they reconciled together.

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