Bruce Willis Regret “error in judgment” After He Was Asked to Leave the Store for Refusing to Wear a Mask

A celebrity not following the norms. Bruce Willis, the actor, called it an “error in judgment” when the media took a shot of him without a mask at a pharmacy in Los Angeles on Monday. According to sources, Bruce Willis apologized for not following the rule of wearing a mask in public. He stated it was an “error in judgment.”

He requested the masses to follow all safety precautions during the deadly pandemic. Onlookers and citizens were annoyed at seeing Bruce not wearing a mask and made to leave without buying his medical supplies. Bruce Willis regretted not following the norms and requested the masses to heed all the rules.  Wife Emma Heming Willis, posted on social media that the use of masks is important. 

One must use a mask to keep away from the virus, though it was an irritant. She stated she would maintain social distancing and sanitize her hands regularly. Bruce was snapped with a bandana around his neck which he did not use to cover his mouth and nose.