Lead vocalist Bryan Adams express regret for a comment accusing ‘bat eating’ folks for coronavirus, on social media

Bryan Adams
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The “Summer of ’69′” singer changed his opinion on  social media conversation on a Tuesday that accursed “bat eating” folks for the spread of coronavirus after the same was extensively criticized for it’s tones that sounded racist.

On a Monday when 60-year-old Adams broadcasted a clip featuring himself humming his 1983 single “Cuts Like a Knife” on Instagram was when the sensation began.

In the headline he mentioned that he was scheduled to be doing a performance at the London’s Royal Albert Hall the same evening, however, because of  the wet market animal selling “bat eating, virus making greedy b***ards, the entire world is currently on hold, and to talk about the many thousand people that have been agonized or perished due to the virus.”

Adams also added “My note to those apart from ‘thanks a f***ing lot’ is go vegan.”

His remarks sparked sudden backlash in the online arena, where “Bryan Adams” was leading on Twitter platform on Tuesday.

One person tweeted “Seems like someone’s opinion on race remain wedged in the summer of ’69,”.

One tweet where he happened to make the same statement has then subsequently been removed, and it seems that he has also inactivated comments of his posts on Instagram.

Adams, popular for his albums “Summer of ’69” “Heaven,” & “Please Forgive Me,” on Tuesday appeared on Instagram to express an apology for his criticism.

Adams wrote in the caption, in a video of him humming “Into the Fire,” “My apologies to everybody that felt offended to what I posted yesterday. I was just intending to express my grief about the gruesome cruelty to animals in the wet-markets making it to the the likely cause of the coronavirus, and to also promote veganism. No excuse. I do have a love for everyone  and my sincere feelings are with each and everyone confronting this pandemic globally”.

Image Credits : Instagram

The remarks made by Adams, which several people thought to be centered at the people of China, appear amongst an upsurge in racially attacking  Asians & Asian-Americans. One study that was published in the previous projected month that there indeed was an increase in offensive expressions for the Chinese that is being made use online.

CNN has made contacts to the representatives for Royal Albert Hall & Adams for the said posts, however, they have not been able to hear back anything yet. His occupancy at the Royal Albert Hall seems to be deferred to April 2021.

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