Buckingham Palace Statement on the Duke and the Duchess of Sussex

Her Majesty, the Queen was informed by the Duke and Duchess that they won’t be returning as working members of the family. The Queen after conversing with the Duke has confirmed in writing that the couple has stepped away from the Royal Family work, and it won’t be possible for them to continue with their duties which come with public service life.

The Duke and Duchess shall therefore return the honorary military appointments and Royal Patronages held by them, back to Her Majesty and would be re-distributed among the working members of The Royal Family. Though everyone is saddened by their decision, they shall remain deeply loved members of the family.

In the ‘Note to the editors,’ the Palace has informed about the 12-month review period which was agreed following the decision of the Duke and Duchess to step down as the working members of The Royal Family last year.

As the period got over, now a decision is made after a conversation between the Members of the Family and the Duke. The couple shall now have to return the following Military, commonwealth, and Charitable associations to the Queen:

The Royal Marines, RAF Honington, Royal Navy Small Ships, Diving, The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust, The Rugby Football League, The Rugby Football Union, The Royal National Theatre, and the Association of Commonwealth Universities.