California sees the First Human Plague Case in 5 Years

The El Dorado County health officials announced on Monday the first-ever confirmed case of plague in California, in the last five years. He is a South Lake Tahoe resident, who is getting treated by a medical professional and is quarantined at home.

The infected person is a devoted walker who might have contracted the disease from a flea, with a bite while taking his dog for a walk. Health officials are investigating the situation. The most common clinical forms of plague are bubonic, pneumonia, and septicemia.

The Symptoms

Fever, extreme weakness, chills, pain in the abdomen, shock, and possible bleeding in the skin, and other organs are a few symptoms of the plague. The disease is treated with doses of antibiotics.

Dr. Nancy Williams, a Health Officer said that plague is naturally present in many parts of California and that preventive measures by people while out with their pets, or while camping/hiking is the only way to prevent this rare but serious disease.

Written by Stephen D