Celebrating family Patriarch Prince Philip’s 99th Birthday from over the pond

Celebrating family Patriarch Prince Philip's 99th Birthday from over the pond

The royal family has been giving praise to the Duke of Edinburgh on his 99th natal day. Wishing The Duke of Edinburgh a very happy 99th birthday, message from the Clarence House Instagram account.

Not only common people but also the royal families of the United Kingdom are taking good advantage of Instagram and Tweeter. On 10th June, Prince Philip turned 99. Many members of the royal family posted images to wish him a happy 99th birthday. The Duke of Cambridge, Prince William, and Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, uploaded a series of photographs on their Instagram handles.

However, the photos are not the latest ones, but they were taken over the years at various royal excursions. The official account of the royal family also posted a set of photos, which were taken decades ago. The set mainly comprises of black and white photos of Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II. Thereafter, they upload a new photograph that was clicked in June. The beautiful couple can be seen standing in front of Windsor Castle smiling and enjoying their quarantine time together.

They have been quarantined in their estate since the beginning of lockdown, which is from March. Prince Philip received a lot of wishes from the other members of the family as well. Prince Harry, with Duchess Meghan, also send their warm wishes. Even her granddaughter couldn’t resist uploading some photographs of her grandfather on her Instagram page. On his big day, he was overwhelmed by the wishes of his family members.