Celebrities Who Left Twitter after Elon Musk takeover Twitter

Celebrities Who Left Twitter after Elon Musk takeover Twitter

THE ARRIVAL OF Elon Musk to Twitter has meant full chaos. From (failed) paid Twitter verification to the reinstatement of accounts run by bigots to the layoffs of hundreds, Musk’s drastic changes to the platform have caused several celebrities to say goodbye to the platform.

Musk initially revealed that he would change its verification policy and allow for all users (for a price) to add a blue checkmark, which was previously reserved for celebrities, journalists and notable figures, to their accounts. He later put those plans on pause.

Then came the layoffs. On Nov. 4, he started to layoff a large portion of Twitter’s workforce, with New York Times saying that half of the app’s employees had been fired. A large number of the app’s employees that stuck around announced they were resigning.

And then he let Donald Trump and other bigots (including Marjorie Taylor Greene) back on the app. The new Twitter owner made the decision after conducting a poll asking Twitter users to vote “yes” or “no” about whether Trump should be allowed back on the site. In the poll, 52 percent voted in the affirmative.

“The people have spoken. Trump will be reinstated. Vox Populi, Vox Dei,” Musk tweeted. He used the Latin phrase, which translates to: “the voice of the people, the voice of God.”

The decision seemed to be off-the-cuff, given he had previously said that no major content decisions would be made prior to the convening of a “content moderation council,” as TechCrunch notes, which does not appear to be functioning yet.

Here’s a growing list of celebrities who’ve decided to no longer use Twitter… all because of Musk.

Gigi Hadid

Gigi hadid
Image via Elle

“I deactivated my Twitter account today. For a long time, but especially with its new leadership, it’s becoming more and more of a cesspool of hate & bigotry, and it’s not a place I want to be part of,” Hadid shared via her Instagram Story, claiming that it’s not a “safe space for anyone.”

Whoopi Goldberg

The Ghost star announced her plan to leave the app after Musk bought the company. “I’m getting off,” Goldberg told the View audience days after he took over. “I just feel like it’s so messy, and I’m tired of having had certain types of attitudes blocked, and now they’re back. I’m going to get out, and if it settles down and I feel more comfortable, maybe I’ll come back.” She confirmed her departure by tweeting, “To everyone, Thanks for everything! Until we meet again! Love, Whoopi.”

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Shonda Rhimes

The TV icon was one of the first stars to announce she was exiting the app and not looking back. “Not hanging around for whatever Elon has planned,” she tweeted. “Bye.”

Sara Bareilles

“Welp. It’s been fun Twitter. I’m out. See you on other platforms, peeps,” the singer-songwriter wrote in her final tweet. “Sorry, this one’s just not for me.”

Toni Braxton

The “Unbreak My Heart” singer was “shocked and appalled” at some of the tweets she was seeing after Musk took over the social platform, adding that it was “no longer a safe space for myself, my sons, and other POC.”

Tea Leoni

The actress opined that the new Twitter “revealed too much hate, too much in the wrong direction” and announced her exit.

Pedro Pascal

The Mandalorian star deactivated his Twitter account in November 2022.

Jim Carrey

Celebrities who left twitter after elon musk takeover twitter - jim carrey
Credit: Image Press Agency/NurPhoto/Shutterstock

“I’m leaving Twitter, but 1st here’s a cartoon I made with my friend Jimmy Hayward,” the Ace Ventura Pet Detective star announced in November 2022. “It’s based on my painting of a crazy old Lighthouse Keeper, standing naked in a storm, summoning the angels and shining his lamp to guide us through a treacherous night. I love you all so much!”

Elton John

Elton john
Credit: Greg Allen/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

The “Rocket Man” singer announced he was leaving the social media platform after Musk shared plans that would grant “general amnesty” to suspended accounts.

“All my life I’ve tried to use music to bring people together. Yet it saddens me to see how misinformation is now being used to divide our world,” John tweeted in December 2022. “I’ve decided to no longer use Twitter, given their recent change in policy which will allow misinformation to flourish unchecked.”

Bill Morrison

The Simpsons comic book artist and illustrator stated on LinkedIn that he would be leaving Twitter. In a statement to NBC, Morrison stated, “I thought I might wait to see if he reinstated Trump’s account, but decided that there were plenty of reasons to leave even absent of a Trump return.”

Erik Larsen

Comic book creator and artist known for The Amazing Spiderman, Erik Larson, tweeted back in April that “the day Elon Musk buys Twitter is the day I delete my account and leave Twitter.” Larsen appears to have stuck to his word and his account has since been deactivated.

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What has happened at Twitter since Musk took over?

According to The Wall Street Journal, Twitter said in a securities filing on 31 October that Musk has fired the entire board of the company and has become its sole director.

Moreover, Musk announced that Twitter will begin charging US $8 per month for the blue tick — the coveted symbol that identifies accounts of repute and reliability.

Several reputed media houses and rights activists have been expressing serious concerns about the rise in hate speech and violence because of Musk’s apparently unfettered understanding of his version of “free speech.”

Many prominent celebrities have announced they are quitting Twitter. Some others have already followed up on their decision. However, not all are on board. Some celebrities believe that it is important to continue on the platform to prevent it from becoming a “right-wing” mouthpiece.

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