Celebrity Homes: 6 of The Most Luxurious Celebrity Mansions

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From Taylor Swift’s swanky mansion to Meg Ryan’s house in New York City, we present you the upscale residences of Hollywood Stars in our series of celebrity homes.

Celebrity Homes

Taylor Swift

Celebrity homes
Image – Top Ten Estate Deals
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Located at: Beverly Hills, California

Size: 10,982 sq ft

Price: Taylor Swift paid US$25 million in 2015 for this beauty.

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Highlights: The former estate of Samuel Goldwyn, founder of the famous Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, the house was built in 1934. It is in the same neighborhood as Hollywood legends Clark Gable and Charlie Chaplin. The house was a location for the 1947 Oscar-winning film, The Best Years of Our Lives.

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Image – Top Ten Estate Deals

Located at: McLean, Northern Virginia

Size: 23,000 sq ft

Price: Currently on sale for US$49.5 million

Highlights: This mansion brought up a girl who grew up to be the first lady. It certainly looks like a house to breed such a lady, classic Georgian-styled decorations, a vegetation-enclosed garden, and a river-view terrace give it a sense of fine elegance, while the tennis court and the indoor and outdoor pools are an indication of its luxurious amenities.

Audrey Hepburn

Image – Top Ten Estate Deals

Located at: Holmby Hills, Los Angeles

Size: 7,000 sq ft

Price: On sale for US$13.995 million

Highlights: The mansion is just elegant as the Hollywood film and fashion icon himself. The 700 sq ft guest house and 1,000 sq ft staff office provide testimony to her hospitality. The main house, designed by architect Paul Williams, shows a classic taste.

Meg Ryan

Meg ryan
Image – Top Ten Estate Deals

Located at: SoHo neighborhood in New York City

Size: 4,100 sq ft

Price: Sold in 2017 for US$9.85 million

Highlights: After taking a lift up to the upper-level loft, guests can see the house that has been rebuilt by the actress and interior designer, Meg Ryan. The house offers a casual, modern city look, the simple beauty of black and white, exposed brick walls in a media room, and an open kitchen filled with natural lighting and brightness.

Jane Fonda

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Image – Top Ten Estate Deals

Located at: Beverly Hills Trousdale Estates, California

Size: 7,100 sq ft

Price: On sale for US$9.995 million

Highlight: The house looks very airy and spacious with good lighting and lots of glass elements – walls, lift, and armrests. The fire pit right in the pavilion, which offers views of the meditation garden outside, provides a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Elvis Presley

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Image – Top Ten Estate Deals

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Size: 5,000 sq ft

Price: On sale for US$5.9 million

Highlight: Elvis’ honeymoon house was called ‘The House of Tomorrow’ because of its futuristic design by Look Magazine in 1962. Designed by modernist architect William Krisel, the house still looks futuristic 55 years later with its glass walls and pool terrace. It also witnessed the fruit of that honeymoon with Priscilla – their daughter Lisa Marie.

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