Chhota Bheem ditches Chutki for Rajkumari Indumati , ‘Justice For Chutki’ trends on twitter.

Chhota Bheem ditches Chutki for Rajkumari Indumati , ‘Justice For Chutki’ trends on twitter

#justiceForChutki trended on twitter among netizens over chhota bheem marrying princess Indumati . | Photo Credit : Twitter

Social media has a lot of power these days. It can provide voice to those who need the most and, at the same time it can trend the most useless things. One is the side where it gives a voice to a cause. The other is more for the fun and hilarity of it all, which also means that the topic in question may have just become the talk of the town because everyone is bored out of their minds these days.

one such trending topic based on a very popular cartoon series named “Chhota Bheem”. Yesterday a hashtag was trending which was called “Justice for Chutki”. It outraged when the protagonist of the show Bheem chose to marry princess Indumati , breaking the heart of his long time best friend and Laddoo provider Chutki.

Twitterati didn’t seem to be very happy over Bheem’s this decision and demanded justice for Chutki.

Not only in India, It was trending in neighboring countries also. It seems that heart broken Chutki can help in developing friendly relationships with these countries.

The outrage on twitter was too much to handle for the makers. The creators of the cartoon, Green Gold Animations, posted on Chhota Bheem’s official Facebook page. The makers Wrote , “#KillFakeNews #JusticeforChutki
On behalf of Green Gold Animation, the makers of Chhota Bheem, we would like to thank all our fans and supporters who have shown lots of love to their favorite characters in Chhota Bheem.
We would like everyone to know that all the characters in the show including Chhota Bheem, Chutki and Indumati are all still kids. The viral news stating the characters got married is false and we request everyone to refrain from commenting on it. Let our favorite kids be children only and let us not bring love and marriage into their innocent lives.

After all the efforts made by bored netizens, Finally Justice has been served to Chutki.