Chicago curfew From 9 PM to 6AM, amid protests for George Floyd

Chicago curfew at 9 PM, amid protests for George Floyd

In the spread of a deadly disease which is named COVID-19, a new issue was created by the public in the cities of America. From Los Angeles to Chicago protests were marked by chants of ”I can’t breathe” – the dying words of George Floyd. Meanwhile Mayor Lori Lightfoot said “we will protect our city and will protect each other too while imposing the curfew.

 George Floyd who was also called gentle giant, an unarmed Blackman who died after Minneapolis police officer who was kneeled on his neck for more than eight minutes as he told them I can’t breathe. In Saturday’s press conference, Mayor Lori imposed the curfew and in half an hour it was implemented. She said that the curfew will start from 9 pm and will last up to 6 am daily until any further notice.

An emergency alert was sent to people through their cell phones throughout the city. This curfew was implemented to help Police officials were facing problems due to large protests by the public, particularly in the downtown area. 

Moreover, she said “we will give people ample opportunity to clear the streets in about 35 minutes. 

According to the reports, the people of downtown said that they were notified at the exact time when the curfew was put in place. While bridges were raised, roads were blocked across the Chicago River and some CTA trains were shut down.  

Angry Protestors used Bats against Chicago Police

Meanwhile, protestors used bottles filled with urine, rocks, and bats that were used against Chicago police officers. 

Police Supt. David Brown said that great patience was shown by the Chicago police against stiff opposition. Brown also said that one of their police officers had broken bones during clashes with protesters on Saturday and other officers were little injured. But on Friday a dozen police officers were injured he said. The police officials tracked the planning of protests through social media.