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China has Reportedly Started Vaccinating its People for COVID-19

On one hand, we have experts and health officials criticizing Russia for approving the vaccine without clearing the III phase of clinical testing, and on the other hand, we have China, which says that it had administered the vaccine under the emergency use authorization, which was still in the developing stage.

A senior Chinese Health official, Zheng Zongwei revealed on the State Television that the vaccine which China has been using is just moved in the III phase of testing in the United Arab Emirates. It was developed by a state-owned ‘Sinopharm’ and was administered to the medical and government workers without completing the mandatory tests since July 22.

The purpose was to build a stronger immunity for the people of special groups in the population. But this vaccine was different from the vaccine approved for the soldiers of China’s People’s Liberation Army.

Therefore Sinopharm is the first Chinese vaccine to be used on the general public right now that too only on special groups.

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