China’s Xi Jinping tells PLA Troops to ‘Prepare For War’


Xi Jinping, China’s President, has on Tuesday instructed the People’s Liberation Army of China to gear up for the war and have asked the troop to be on high alert and put in all their energy for the war. During an inspection of the PLA (Marine Corps) in Chaozhou, has asked the soldiers to be loyal and pure in their efforts.

But it was not clear whether the comment was directed towards which country. Whether it was India, Japan, the Us, or another country with which China is in a scuffle in the South China Sea region. The US and China have had issues over COVID-19 and Taiwan disagreements in the last few months. Even between India and China, dialogues are exchanged at the military and diplomatic levels. 

Meanwhile, China had increased military drills around Taiwan, where around 40 warplanes crossed the median line between mainland and Taiwan, where the island’s president called it a ‘threat of force.’ So it is very unclear what China has on its mind when it asks its soldiers to be ready for war.