Chinese Soldier Held After He Strayed Into Ladakh, to be Sent Back


As per the established protocol and following the procedure, a Chinese soldier caught by the Indian forces will be returned to the Chinese Army. The People Republic Army’s soldier strayed, the LAC (Line of Actual Control) on Monday.

The Indian Army had released a statement regarding the same and said that the soldier would be returned to his Army. The soldier was provided medical assistance, which included oxygen, food, and also warm clothes. He was given all the protection needed against the high altitude vagaries and harsh climatic conditions.

After completing a few formalities, the soldier will be returned at the Chushul-Moldo meeting point. Earlier, a request was received from the PLA about the whereabouts of a missing soldier. Reports suggest that the soldier caught was carrying important civil and military documents with him.

There have been many rounds of diplomatic and military talks between the two countries, but China has refused any agreement on restoring the status quo.