Chrissy Teigen Deleted 60,000 Tweets for Her Family’s Safety

Chrissy Teigen Deleted 60,000 Tweets for Her Family's Safety

As Chrissy Teigen is being accused through internet trolls of being involved with the scandal of Jeffrey Epstein, she is having concern for her family.

On Twitter, she had deleted almost 60,000 tweets as she could not take the tweets who are allegedly showing evidence about her connection with Epstein’s who is related to Ghislaine Maxwell.

Speculation on the internet had alleged her ties with Epstein and Maxwell which was not confirmed and then it is said that Teigen’s name was there on the list for flight in the private plane of Epstein’s. Even Tom Hanks has been accused of taking jet of Epstein’s to the Caribbean, his private island, for which no proof has been there. The online flight logs documents have been checked by the fact-checkers team of news organizations and they could not able to find the name as well as initials of Hanks on those documents.


 In the Epstein scandal, Teigen never got accused.

Teigen and John Legend, her husband had filed a lawsuit in the year 2018 on an individual for accusing Luna Stephens, their daughter into a ring of child sex-trafficking. They had been accused by the Liz Crokin, Self-described ‘journalist on the tweet from which most are deleted that they are connected to the Pizzagate which is a ring of child sex in Washington, D.C.

Teigen said that she deleted many of the posts on Twitter but she is disturbed and these thoughts of people are really scary.

Crokin, who had deleted many of the allegations containing tweets said that she had not accused John and Chrissy of child trafficking. It is a lie and the history of twitter proves it.