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Christian Ravi Zacharias died at the age of 74

He used up his life protecting Christianity through books and lectures, but sadly he is no more. He passed away on Tuesday at his house in Atlanta, Georgia, he lost his life because of cancer. In early May, regardless of accomplishment in his chemo cure, Zacharias’ prognosis became hopeless. He was a famous figure in Christian supporters. He born in Chennai and spent his adulthood in Delhi, and later on, as a speaker, he moves to Canada. The branch of Christian theology that protects Christian doctrines against questions.

Christian Ravi Zacharias died at the age of 74

However, cancer on the backside of his had answers to his cures, the place where he had cancer, metastasized had decayed. In 1984, Zacharias got Zacharias global Ministries, and “launched an international team of about 100 Christian authors who continue to speak about Christianity. The daughter of Ravi Zacharias, named Sarah

 Davis shared about his hopeless prognosis this month stating that he was in his last stage and his family was not able to help him out. Zacharias wrote many books like The Grand Weaver, Cries of the Heart, and Walking from East to West.  He has begun fountain globally, a person who gives arm to his agency RZIM and established to the vulnerable part of the society, particularly women and poor children. 

Even though in his last days, before he does not have the power and breathe to talk, he mixed every communication with Jesus and what the Lord had done to him. People who knew him well will miss him first for his great work, kindness, and generosity of spirit. Vice President Mike Pence tweeted that he is completely saddened to know about the death of Ravi Zacharias, he was my friend, and Ravi will be missed may his soul rest in peace. 

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