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‘Cocoon’ actor, Wilford Brimley who has appeared for commercials Quaker Oats had died at 85

The Mustachioed actor, Wilford Brimley, 85 years who had appeared on the Quaker Oats commercials, television shows, and big screen. 

As told by Lynda Bensky, his manager on Saturday, Brimley had died while being in St. George, Utah hospital. He was in ICU and getting treated for his medical issues, was also on dialysis. 

As Bensky said that he is the man whom one can trust; whatever he said, he meant that. He is tough from outside and a good heart. 

He had done many bests of movies such as “The Thing,” “The Natural,” and “Cocoon.” He had also worked in many television shows, which includes NBC’s “Our House,” where he worked as a grumpy widower who is forcing her daughter-in-law and her children to live with him. 

With Quaker Oats, he also appeared in many American Diabetes Association commercials where he has been using his raspy baritone to urge people to check the blood level of sugar often. 

In the years, there are many fans who come to him, many of whom had born decades after he works in the movie. They draw memes while giving tribute to his mustache. 

In a tweet by Stephen Colbert, the comedian said that RIP Wilford Brimley and did many great performances but will never forget seeing him singing surprisingly in the It’s Not Easy Being Green.

After Brimley, there is his wife and three sons. 

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