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CoronaVirus Update: France is All Set to Help India

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Exceptional Package offered by France to India

The message was conveyed by Emmanuel Lenain, the French Ambassador to India, on the French National Day. This Bastille Day’s announcement laid emphasis on the fact that the two countries have demonstrated exceptional solidarity during the times of the COVID-19 disaster. 

In India, the cases for COVID are increasing at an alarming rate.

France is all set to announce a “special package” which will comprise of expertise as well as ventilators, especially for India. This will be a part of the joint effort by the two countries, during the times of need. 

Friendship is a two-way street!

Mr Lenain stated that India has left no stone unturned in providing the much needed drugs and equipment to French hospitals and now France will not hesitate in reciprocating the help. 

An exceptional loan of Rs 1,600 crore has been granted by French development agency. This is to offer social services to the weaker population in the country.

Announcement of an exceptional package for India. 

The special package will include ventilators, serological test kits, and the necessary expertise. The French envoy made this clear through the messages posted on French Embassy’s social media handles.

Indian government did a commendable job in helping France by lending a helping hand to stranded tourists. He has thanked Indian authorities for showing solidarity. .

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