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Couple reunites after 30 weeks in Ukraine war; pregnant wife runs into soldier’s arms

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After 30 weeks in the war-torn country, the couple got back together, which made people’s hearts melt online.

During the Ukraine war, a video of a pregnant woman reuniting with her husband, a Ukrainian soldier, has been posted online, giving people hope and joy. When people fell in love during war, it broke people’s hearts online.

Anton Gerashchenko shared a video of a pregnant woman driving to meet her husband. She runs into her partner, who is wearing a military uniform. As the two people hug, the woman starts to cry.

“This is the goal of our fight. Gerashchenko tweeted, “They haven’t seen each other in 30 weeks.”

Since it was posted on Twitter on Wednesday, more than 21,000 people have watched it. “After 30 weeks of war, we finally got to meet,” said the text in the clip.

A user said, “It’s beautiful, but it’s even worse than that. War is so damn cruel.” “Precious Love wins,” wrote another user. “Just awesome!” said a third user. Because of his/her warrior father and all the other warriors, that baby is going to have a beautiful and peaceful life.

The pregnant woman, Yanina Sham, posted the video to her Instagram account. In another post, she showed a picture of them together and said, “I will always remember these three days. The first question is about when the war began. The second time was when you told me you would protect me. The third is when you will return. “L.O.V.E. – I’m waiting.”

The Russian defence ministry says that at least 89 Russian soldiers were killed by a missile strike from Ukraine last week. On December 31, Ukrainians tore down a large building in the city of Makiivka that housed Russian troops. Since Russia invaded Ukraine in February of last year, many people have left the country and some have died.