COVID-19: Anthony Fauci and two other members of White House members self-quarantine

COVID-19: Anthony Fauci and two other members of White House members self-quarantine

The top health officials in the U.S. announced they will self- quarantine after getting into contact with White House staff, who approved positive for coronavirus, the concern is about the virus which is growing within the organization. The top three self-quarantined officials are Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, who is director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Dr. Robert Redfield, who is director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Dr. Stephen Hahn, commissioner of Food and Drug Administration is one of the trusted faces of the government. These officials refuse to identify the individual’s one who tested positive for COVID-19.

Facts about COVID-19 Spread in White House

Kattie Miller who earlier tested positive for COVID-19. Her husband Stephen Miller was present in the White House for a meeting with senior members. The meeting was held on Thursday morning and later on, it held on Friday evening. All the meetings were held before she tested positive for COVID-19.  According to CNN, he would get daily checkups and tests every single day, because he gets in touch with the other staff of White House.

Trump and Pence will also get a daily test for coronavirus. As per the Saturday night statement from staffers of White House, we will use every single possible way to keep us safe. Also said: we’re pleased to get those dangers because we love our nation”.

All the experts have shown their responsibility of COVID-19 security care towards White House Officials. The national government advice to the public that every single person needs to wear the mask when they are in public.

On April 28, Vice President Mike Pence review from the Mayo Clinic after he visited the healthcare without a mask. Fauci’s association said that he has proved negative for coronavirus and he will go on to be tested daily.