COVID-19 cases increase 50% in the Americas in the last week

COVID-19 cases increase 50% in the Americas in the last week

The disclose reviews the finest upward push in conditions worldwide with vacation duration disclose to force up numbers, PAHO warns, urging countries to continue vaccination campaigns and implementation of public health measures.

Washington, DC, December 29, 2021 (PAHO)- Pan American Effectively being Organization (PAHO) knowledge negate that COVID-19 conditions increased 50% and deaths 11% within the disclose of the Americas within the last phrase week.

From December 19 to 25, extra than half of countries and territories within the disclose reported an place bigger in conditions of over 20%. The Omicron Variant of Train has been reported in 27 countries and territories of the Americas.

The finest decision of novel conditions maintain been reported within the United States, adopted by Canada and Argentina.

In Central The us, no place bigger in conditions has been reported, excluding in Panama and Belize, which noticed conditions upward push in just a few of its regions.  

Bolivia leads the place bigger in conditions within the Andean disclose, with Colombia, Ecuador and Peru also reporting rising numbers.

Within the Southern Cone, Paraguay and Uruguay reported will increase, while Brazil noticed a decrease in conditions.

The choice of COVID-19 conditions is also rising within the Caribbean disclose. Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and Jamaica negate valuable will increase when put next to the old week. Trinidad and Tobago, on the opposite hand, reported declines.

PAHO warns that the place bigger in SARS-CoV-2 virus circulation in loads of countries, coupled with greater personal contact attributable to the vacation and drag season, can also honest result in a upward push in conditions, hospitalizations, and deaths within the approaching weeks.

To lower COVID-19 transmission, PAHO continues to indicate vaccination and public health measures. These consist of the use of tight-becoming masks, bodily distancing, air amble along with the circulate of indoor areas, avoidance of crowds, and practising hand hygiene.

Moreover, PAHO continues to call on countries to bustle vaccination coverage against COVID-19. As of December 28, extra than 1.4 billion doses maintain been administered within the Americas, and 57% of the population in Latin The us and the Caribbean is fully vaccinated.

The COVAX mechanism, through PAHO’s Revolving Fund, has as much as now delivered extra than 76.2 million doses of vaccine to 33 countries within the Americas, many of them donated by other countries.