COVID-19 Outbreak in NFL With 9 Members of the Tennessee Titans Tested Positive

COVID-19 Outbreak in NFL With 9 Members of the Tennessee Titans Tested Positive

In the last four days according to the ESPN, 9 members of the Tennessee Titans have been tested positive for COVID-19. This could be the start of the spreading of viruses among the various teams in the NFL.

The Titans had their last match on Sunday against Minnesota Vikings. On Tuesday the result came out and they were positive. Immediately after that, both teams closed their practice and the Titans will not play earliest by Saturday. Further confirmation on Team’s matches will be given by the authorities.

No legal announcement by the league has been shared regarding the shutting down of the team and what will happen to the coming two matches of the team.

Many professional leagues and sports such as MLB, the NFL have been restarted by making the bubble in which the players and all related people are contained with no people coming in or going out of the bubble.

There is also local restrictions on the way of fans attending the games. According to the reports, 7000 attendees were registered to see the home game of the Titans and later that could be increased to 10,000.

Many coaches in the NFL have to fill fine up to $100,000 for not wearing masks while the game sessions. Despite all the tight security and some slips, the NFL managed to avoid the COVID-19 so far. Except for 9 positive of the Titans and 5 positives of other personnel, no one has been tested positive.

When the similar scenario was faced by the MLB at the early stage, the managemnet decided to reschedule the league.

Now the real mystery in the NFL is to know from where the virus has come and have infected how many players or coaches or other personnel. Till now no news of any positives in the Vikings has come but the team is self-isolating themselves.

It would be a real challenge for the authorities to continue the league with this deadly virus roaming around. Stay tuned for updates like this on Mediatoadychronicle.