COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker: Masks offer better Protection than a Vaccine would, says US Health Official:


Robert Redfield, the CDC Director, said that wearing a mask could bring the spread of coronavirus under control worldwide. He stated that this is the most influential public health tool against the pandemic and is better than a vaccine shot as it provided much better protection against infection.

Redfield made these statements at a Senate Subcommittee hearing while answering to questions from the US lawmakers. He said that there is strong scientific evidence that masks are the best defence against the virus. Scientists say that the effectiveness of the vaccine is yet to be calculated, and the FDA also said that it would approve a vaccine only when it is found safe and provided at least 50 per cent effectiveness.

He also urged people to wear a mask even after getting the vaccine. The vaccine cannot be provided to people at large before the second quarter of next year. So wearing a mask is the most suitable weapon to contain the virus spread in the present scenario.