‘Crucible Game’ by Amazon Review, what’s Inside?

amazon's crucible game

recently, Amazon which is also the world’s biggest E-commerce company launched a new game called ‘Crucible’.
And if you haven’t listened about it yet, then it’s not your fault, this big-budget game has come and gone too soon from top 100 charts of world’s biggest online gaming platform “steam”.

Crucible is a Third-person shooter game that has been made up by mixing some popular games design like Apex Legends by Respawn, overwatch by Blizzard Entertainment, and Iron Galaxy, Dota 2 by Valve Corporation, and most trending battle royal games like Fortnite by Epic Games.

This game has also different modes like other online battle royal games.

Heart of hives:

The first mode is hearts fo hive, It is a four vs four modes like PUBG’s warehouse mode, where two teams, each team having four players play against each other in a certain area for a certain time.

Alpha Hunters:

The second mode is called Alpha Hunters, where eight teams having two players each, play against each other like a battle royal style contest. The last team standing will be declared as a winner.

Harvester Command:

The last mode is Harvester Command, which seems like a mixture of DOTA 2 and League of legends, it is same as Alpha Hunters but the difference is, teams have to collect “essence” and level up your character.

Crucible was launched on May 20, and as of May 21 on ‘Crucible’ has almost over 25000 concurrent online players at highest. On the next day, May 22. it had disappeared from steam’s top 100 charts.