Crunchyroll now has something Netflix doesn’t have: a Switch app

Crunchyroll made it to Nintendo Switch just in time for those of you waiting to binge it all Demon Killer season 2 on the way.

Starting today, Crunchyroll is available to download for free from the Switch eShop. You can watch anime on your Switch in dock, tabletop or handheld mode, while premium subscribers can watch shows offline, making it perfect for long journeys. Hopefully it will be a much improved experience over the Crunchyroll app on other platforms. The Apple TV version is particularly unbearable to use.

Even with the addition of Crunchyroll, there are still not many streaming services available on the Switch. So far, the console lags behind PlayStation and Xbox, offering only Hulu, YouTube, Twitch and, exclusively in Japan, Niconico.

It is still unknown when Netflix will finally be added to the Switch. In the past, Nintendo has said it’s admissible to bring the streaming service to the console, but it hasn’t gotten around to it yet. For now, between the roguelike Hades and the addition of Crunchyroll, Switch users can finally have the power of god and anime on their side.

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