Cyber ​​Monday 2022 deals on smart home tech: speakers, cameras, robot vacuum cleaners and more


You have one more day to score some serious bargains on smart home gadgets, including smart lighting, smart locks, robotic vacuum cleaners, security cameras, and smart speakers, just to name a few. With Cyber ​​Monday in full swing, it might be your last chance to go big with some of these great deals as the Black Friday/Cyber ​​Monday frenzy comes to an end.

With the new Matter smart home standard on the horizon, it’s worth being critical of your bargains if you plan to take advantage of the new interoperability protocol. (Which means if you want all your devices to work with all the different smart home platforms by default). So we’ve mostly highlighted deals on gadgets that work with Matter – or, if not, then gadgets that work with all major platforms.

Some device categories are not yet on the Matter bandwagon, including cameras and robot vacuum cleaners. We’re not going to tell you to wait – if you need them, now’s definitely the time to buy them, because there are some seriously good deals to be had.

The best Cyber ​​Monday deals on smart speakers and hubs that work with Matter

Matter is a new smart home standard that makes it easier for your gadgets to work with each other and with whatever platform you want to control them from – from Amazon Alexa and Google Home to Apple Home and Samsung SmartThings.

Matter devices need a Matter controller and those using Thread – a protocol that runs Matter – need a Thread border router. Black Friday is the perfect time to buy one of the many gadgets that have this functionality built in for a bargain price.

The victrola works with sonos vinyl turntable is $100 off.

The Victrola Works with Sonos vinyl turntable is $100 off.
Photo by Jennifer Pattison Tuohy/Media Today Chronicle

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