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Daisy Coleman who worked in “Audrie & Daisy” died at 23 years by committing suicide

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As per the mother of Daisy Coleman, who had worked in the Netflix documentary, “Audrie & Daisy, as a teenage girl that is about multiple rape cases had done the suicide.

On Tuesday night, she had taken her life as per Melinda, Daisy’s mom. The body of Daisy is found when the police are being called by Melinda to do a welfare check. She said that she was an amazing daughter and her best friend. It is difficult for her to live without her. 

In January 2012, when Daisy was just 14 years old, she got raped after being given alcohol at the Missouri house party, and still, no one got convicted. 

Daisy Coleman who worked in "Audrie & Daisy” got died at 23 years by committing suicide
Image Credits- Perez Hilton

In the Netflix documentary made in 2016, which is having Daisy with her family members that how they dealt with this trauma and reaction of the community. 

As her mom said, she had never recovered from what those boys had done with her, and now, she is gone. Daisy’s family has another setback when her younger brother had met with a car accident and killed. 

In September 2012, at California, she had focused Audrie Pot sexual assault. Audrie got died just 10 years after that. 

After the case of rape, Daisy has co-founded the SafeBAE organization having the mission to end sexual assault from the middle, as well as high school and helping those students who are survivors. The organization had got devastated by death and has been suffering from irreparable losses. 

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