Dave Chappelle says Netflix Removed ‘Chappelle’s Show’ from Service at his Request


Dave Chappelle is happy about the sad news that his show – ‘Chappelle’s Show’ will no longer be available on Netflix. In a video on his Instagram, the comedian has opened up about the streaming service’s move, which according to him has come upon his request to do so.

He said that he had an issue with the contract with ViacomCBS which allows the streaming platform to streaming his show without any additional payment being made to the artist. He said though it was all legal as per the contract he had signed, he felt that it was not right to stream his shows without his consent and any payment to him.

The show started streaming on Netflix on November 1 and was removed recently. Chappelle said that he was very furious to have learned about the streaming of his show and had called up Netflix and as a positive gesture, the platform agreed to take the content off it, to make Chappelle feel better.