David Blaine Successfully flies over the Arizona Desert, holding onto Helium Balloons

David Blaine Successfully flies over the Arizona Desert

Flying up in the air holding a bunch of balloons, doesn’t this sound dreamy and magical? This dream was brought to life by magician David Blaine when he crossed over Arizona’s desert, clinging to a cluster of helium balloons on Wednesday.

This stunt has become his most motivated achievement and is named ‘Ascension.’ Before performing the stunt, David released a video stating that all his performances are full of endurance and a vision of doing things that seem impossible to many. 

The duration of the stunt was one hour, which also was streamlined on YouTube. He aimed to go up to 18,000 feet, but he ended floating to 24,900 feet, roughly 4.7 miles. Finally, he touched the ground skydiving and parachuting.

He exclaimed that it was a fantastic experience as he touched the ground.