David Silva had reflected his emotions in Manchester City at final Premier League

David Silva had reflected his emotions in Manchester City at final Premier League

As told by David Silva that he will miss playing as the midfielder with Manchester City, and he was proud of the success of the club during his time at Etihad.

On Sunday, his final Premium League match as Spanish star for the club as City had 5-0 win against Norwich club. 

Silva had played for around 85 minutes, appreciated by the manager Pep Guardiola and rest being made by the city teammates when he departed from the final league fixture. 

In 2010 joined Valencia; in the decade long career of City, he had scored 77 goals, assisted 93 premium League, made 433 appearances, which is the most having in club history. He had won 4 titles of Premium League during 14 trophy hauls at Etihad, and he is proud to achieve for the club. 

He had shared that “It was emotional because they are amazing people. I have been working for them for 10 years and I have a good relationship with them. I love them and I am going to miss all of them.”

“Of course [I am proud of my Manchester City career]. To win so many titles and the way we won it. I am a lucky guy, I have had lot of nice moments, and this one as well, the last one. I will miss everything – even the weather as well.”

Silva has been named as captain on that day, was looking emotional at the end, and Guardiola had said that Silva has earned not just the goodbye. Guardiola had said that “It was the smallest standing ovation of all time. He will come back for the one he deserves.”

“The players showed the gratitude that has to happen for these incredible years. We just wanted to thank him.”

Champions League is what still City has to deal with 16-second leg round on August 7 against Real Madrid. They presently had a lead of 2-1 from the first leg, and then Silva hopes that City will cap the final season along with European glory. He said that “I hope we can win the Champions League, it is a pity we have to play with no people but the safety of the people is the most important thing.”