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Dead at 68, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, President Lorenzo Soria


Hollywood Foreign Press Association, President Lorenzo Soria, died at the age of 68. 

As per the association’s statement, on Friday, Soria, at his home in Los Angeles, died peacefully. They praised his sense of humor, generosity, and passion. 

As per the Hollywood Reporter, he was struggling with lung cancer. 

The group who had worked behind Golden Globe Awards said that he believes in the movie industry’s power to heal the world and as a spotlight for injustice. 

Dead at 68, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, President Lorenzo Soria
Image Credits- Los Angeles Times

He had grown up in Argentina, and in Italy, he worked. L’Espresso is the Italian publication which he had written and edited. 

He had moved to Los Angeles in the year 1982, where he wrote for L’Espresso and a daily, La Stampa. On a wide range of topics, he wrote, which includes technology and politics. 

As per the organization, his real passion was to interview the talent of Hollywood and to tell about the trends as well as changes that are happening in the television and film industry. 

Since 1989 he was a member of a Hollywood Foreign Press Association and worked for 25 years he had worked in administration. He had served as president twice, and in 2019 the present tenure had started. 

In his memory, a memorial is planned, but there were no details available immediately. As per the Hollywood Reporter after him, there is Lilla, his wife, Max, his son, Donatella, his sister, and Diana, his mother. 


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