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Demanded by the stars of Bachelor and Bachelorette to give Pool to Non-White as well

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There have been 18 years with 40 seasons and only 1 black lead. Many stars of Bachelor and Bachelorette are persuading their fans to follow action which they are taking for diversity which is there among contestants. On 5 June they have filed a petition as “A Campaign for Anti-Racism in the Bachelor Franchise,” and had begun circulating it around social media.

On this pledge they had put many known faces in support to demands such as in the 25th season casting a black Bachelor, 35 percent pool of future contestant should be not white, screen timing should be same for those contestants as everyone has an equal right of laughing on TV with their mother.

The Bachelor Nation Stars who have pledged for this petition are Diggy Moreland, Bibiana Julian, Tyler Cameron, Ashley Spivey, and Kaitlyn Bristowe. Franchise only black lead, Rachel Lindsay has gained a grip on the campaign and in an interview, she said that she won’t continue with the series if they continue recruiting white faces.

The franchise Bachelorette season is on pause due to pandemic coronavirus. On June 8, they are showing the filler show The Bachelor: The Most Unforgettable — Ever!, for this summer. These 3 hours show they had deserted to address any issue on racism or diversity and not even mentions the controversy of Brown.

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