Den Of Thieves 2! Is the Sequel Happening Anytime Sooner?

Den of Thieves 2

Christian Gudegast director of most popular Den of Thieves had confirmed the fans of the sequel, but fans are still waiting for it. We have got you the latest news on Den Of Thieves 2.

Den of Thieves had released in 2018 and had become immensely popular and a huge hit with collections over three times its budget. Till today, it is counted as the most popular modern heist classic. Soon, after its release, the director had promised its sequel and since then nothing much has come out related to it. 

Though, Den of Thieves wasn’t acclaimed by the critics as much as fans loved it. The movie was set in Los Angeles, the well- known world’s bank robbery capital of the world. This film was made as authentic as possible by the director Gudegast. He took help from the authentic sources like the military, LAPD, and a former leader of the Hell’s Angels which greatly helped in making the season 1 a huge hit. All this put together by the amazing cast and brilliance direction of Gudegast resonated with the audiences. Thus, fans are eagerly waiting for season 2. 

Also, the fans should be excited that Gerard Butler will return with Den of Thieves 2, and also talks are on with O’Shea Jackson Jr. for his return.

In a recent interview, Gudegast told that all the hard work for Den of Thieves 2 is done. The structure, outline and the entire story is all done. Den of Thieves 2 is officially called now Den of Thieves 2: Pantera.

Very few details have come out related to the release date of Den of Thieves 2.  With the present scenario related to COVID-19, one can say that Den of Thieves 2 might release anytime soon in 2021 summers.
We also know that Den of Thieves 2 has been directly inspired by films like Sexy Beast, Gomorrah, Suburra, and Ronin. Also, it will take place in Belgium, Montenegro, Cote d’Azur, Marseilles, and London. We still haven’t got the full details due to the delay in production and negotiations by the cast. But, we are sure for a fact, that in terms of structure and story, everything is in place. Thus, fans won’t have to wait for much longer for Den of Thieves 2.

Watch out this space for more news related to Den of Thieves 2. We shall keep you updated!