Dexamethasone could help in increasing the survival rate among COVID 19 patients- New Study

Dexamethasone could help in increasing the survival rate among COVID 19 patients- New Study

In England, some researchers had to found out that widely available steroid, as well as affordable, has improved the conditions of COVID-19 patients. A common steroid that is being used to treat for inflammation, Dexamethasone has reduced the death of ill patients up to one third. It was being experimented with more than 2100 people.

The British government has given the authorization to give it to some patients but they are not clear whether it will be safe for the less severe patient of COVID 19.

Dexamethasone is an Anti-Inflammatory Steroid

As Dr. Onyema Ogbuagu who is an associate professor of medicine and infectious disease doctor at Yale said that Dexamethasone is mostly an intravenous or oral steroid and it is used as anti-swelling, as well as, anti-inflammatory for different conditions. He said that it is a glucocorticoid. He says that the drawback in it is that there is no specific treatment it is targeting like that of swelling or inflammation.

Dr. Robert Glatter, working at New York City’s Lenox Hill Hospital as an emergency physician said that it is being a therapeutic medication for treating inflammation. Read How the medicine will help in reducing the death rate in COVID-19 patients-

As per Ogbuagu, there are 2 stages of COVID 19, they get affected with virus and had symptoms and after 10 days it starts producing antibodies as well as inflammatory reactions to the virus. These inflammations could at times create severe complications for COVID 19 patients like acute respiratory distress syndrome which could lead have problems with oxygen entering into the bloodstream.

In the United Kingdom patients had benefited by taking it and they took for around 10 days. The deaths had reduced to about 35 percent but there is no appearance that it is helping less of ill patients.

Even Ogbuagu had said that dexamethasone had helped in improving the mortality rates with the people having ARDS. He says that for treating the COVID 19 patient there should be the right timing as well as the selectiveness of patients which is critical. As per him, it is a double-edged sword that could even hinder the ability of the body to fight with the virus. It can also cause other severe side effects. In some studies, it is found that the mortality rates are higher in people taking steroids.

There are findings earlier that patients who are not having severe symptoms should not be given dexamethasone. The WHO as well as other organizations had not advised using steroids earlier as it could not obstruct in a clearing of the virus.