Director of Little Fires Everywhere, Lynn Shelton died at age of 54 years

Director of Little Fires Everywhere, Lynn Shelton died at age of 54 years

On Friday, Lynn Shelton the Director had died at the age of 54 years in Los Angeles. She is well known for the films Your Sister’s Sister and Humpday, as well as for series like Little fires everywhere. As per Adam Kersh, her representative, she had died due to an old undiagnosed disorder of the blood.

As per March Maron, her partner, as well as Comedian and actor, told that she collapsed on Friday as she was ill for about a week, but it was not COVID 19. The condition was not stable for long and doctors could not able to save her, but they tried hard.

Kersh said that Shelton gets into making films when she reached her mid 30’s. Within around 14 years he had written and directed around 8 films. Among her all films she had directed Your Sister’s Sister and Humpday in which Mark Duplass worked. She also directed Outside starring Edie Falco.  

Shelton had done many things and now recently she had directed many episodes of Hulu’s named Little Fires Everywhere starring Kerry Washington and Reese Witherspoon. In this, she had also worked as an executive producer. There are many episodes that she had directed as Mad Men, Shameless, The Mindy Project, New Girl, and GLOW.

In the tweet of Witherspoon, said that she was shocked after listening about Lynn Shelton had passed away. She is in total shock that vibrant, soulful, and talented filmmaker is not among them anymore. She is always passionate about her shows.

In the tweet by Duplass, said that Shelton has no boundaries in creative energy and her spirit was infectious which could not be challenged. She had made Duplass much better. She is like family to Duplass, they both together made up, pushed, heads, and laughed with each other. It is a deep loss for him.

About Shelton, Mindy Kaling said that her energy is infectious and she as an actor always drifted around videos, taking takes. She is a powerful personality and Kaling will miss her.

As per the statement of Kersh, Shelton had born in Ohio, and later on in Seattle, she grew up. After that, she moved to New York City.