Disney Plus Announces Over 40 New Movies/TV Shows for September

The entire line up that will be streamlined in September, has been revealed by Disney Plus. The most important release is the movie Mulan, which will be released on the first Friday of the month. But the viewers will have to pay $30 to watch it. This is being done as a part of the new premier level option available on the site.

Arriving on the 4th are the sequels of two ‘Mighty Ducks’. There is also Fox’s 2015 animated fantasy based on a story by George Lucas ‘Strange Magic’. Another highlight on D+ is the ‘Woulverine’, which will be the latest X-Men movie on the platform.

On September 11 we have 2018’s, Christopher Robin. ‘Once upon a time’ is scheduled on 18th which is a natural fit to the animated collections of Disney. There is also a Cinderella story and Bend it Like Beckham, which is a renowned Sports Romcom.

The last part of the month is reserved for documentaries and the season2 of the ‘Muppets Babies’ reboot.

Let’s see which show/movie can grab the viewers’ attention apart from the most awaited Mulan.

Written by Diksha

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