Ditching Batman, Val Kilmer- Revealed the Reason of not Batman Again

Ditching Batman, Val Kilmer- After this, there is no Batman ever

Why did the Val Kilmer had left the role of Batman just after one movie? He had addressed those reasons for leaving the role of Batman. He had told in an interview that actor said that on the Joel Schumacher’s 1995 Dark Knight set, when the Warren Buffett, billionaire visited with his grandchildren to the set.

He told that he waited for meeting kids of Buffett’s as it was told to him that they want to meet Batman. When they met Kilmer in a bat suit, were ready to get engage with him, they started snubbing him with Batmobile and other props of batman. At that moment he realized it does not matter who the person is there behind the suit, we only show them as a Batman and nothing else.

It is easy to have around 5 or 6 Batmans as it is not anything about Batman. He said there is no actual Batman and he felt that it’s being difficult to work with as an actor. After acknowledging this he thought of ending this career in Batman sequels.

He said that constant effort has been put by him so that actors, directors and collaborators honor the truth and know the reality of each project. This is his attempt to have the right life into the moments of Hollywood. It has been difficult to deal with me by the head of every studio. Everyone tries to work out in their way. He said that he does not like to hurt anyone while in the process.

He had told THR that he is keen to act Island of Doctor Moreau as Marlon Brando would be doing it. Then he dropped them off on the eleventh hour.

Kilmer said that there are difficulties in scheduling on paper with the Saint which make him replaced in 1997 with George Clooney, Batman and Robin. But still, there is no loss of love between the Top Gun star and Schumacher. Here Schumacher recalls about the egos warring of co-stars Tommy Lee Jones with Jim Carrey and Kilmer on Batman Forever were carrying endlessly, in this correction about Kilmer notion that he is just difficult.

He told in 2019 that Jones as the client was fabulous. But when they were making Batman Forever, he was not kind on Jim Carrey.

Schumacher said that Tommy and I had great respect just a stealer of the scene. It is difficult to steal the scene from Jim Carrey. And its peeved Tommy and he was not even kind to Jim. He did not behave with Jim as an Oscar winner does with a star in Hollywood. He is the oldest cast member and distinguished career which should have done acted with Jim. Don’t know what happened after the set stays.

In the end, he concluded, there is a difference between Tommy Lee Jones and Val Kilmer. He does not care in which state Tommy gets emotional when the camera starts, but never there is any bad take. Kilmer has a different side to the story. He said but still, he was a wonderful Batman.