After Spotting this in Jennifer Aniston Shared Pics from Friends Reunion has created a BIG HAVOC, Find out?

friends reunion

She shared three new selfies on Instagram Tuesday, the first since the much-anticipated show premiered: “Still basking in all the love from the #FriendsReunion. Thank you each and every one of you.” As she described each photo, she said: “Swipe for… The bazillionth selfie taken with the five of us… When two TOTALLY different worlds collide – @_schwim_’s face says it all… The legend himself, our director of the first season, Papa James Burrows.”

Fans had a lot to say about David Schwimmer’s picture with Justin and Hailey Bieber in the second carousel.

“I still don’t understand why Justin Bieber was there?” a fan wondered. There were over 2,000 likes and hundreds of replies to the post.

“Mike (Paul Rudd) should’ve been there,” one answered, whilst a second added: “Agree, and Gaga and all the other celebrities they had on. Don’t get why. Wrecked it I thought.”

The couple was defended by others, however. “Because he adores Friends! Him and Hailey watch it every single day. During times of anxiety, Justin says that watching Friends helps him cope,” wrote one.

They added: “He has loved the show for years and during the first year of his career he used the name Chandler Bing when booking hotel rooms.”

As a matter of fact, Justin is a die-hard fan of Friends, and in 2020, while appearing on The Ellen Show, he went undercover and surprised fans who visited the Central Perk set.

In addition to singing Smelly Cat, he revealed that the Friends set was his favorite place to be.

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