Domestic bliss had enhanced Patton Oswalt comedy

Domestic bliss had enhanced Patton Oswalt comedy

The latest comedian’s on Netflix as special to find a happy place. If the comedy transfers the pain then imaging what will happen if a comedian is happy?

If the comedy is good then the laugh comes automatically as on Netflix with Patton Oswalt: I Love Everything. Still the best and last standup comedy by Oswalt is Annihilation and it was in the year 2016, associated with the death of his wife Michelle. It was very thoughtful, raw as well as revealing. Many of the comics who could define the career maybe ever achieved that level.

Then Oswalt has found his love with Meredith Salenger who is a teen/80’s child movie star and he got remarried. He is not thrashed any more. So, in “I Love Everything” does not have any dark side of it. it says that this set opens and closes with the talks about breakfast. There has been no part about breakfast in his earlier show named as Annihilation.

Domestic bliss had enhanced Patton Oswalt comedy

In this Oswalt starts with complaining about the boxes of cereals. When he was a youth, he takes the cereals comfortably with the puzzles of word and mazes at the backside. Now, when he has reached his 50’s there are a lot of health benefits information is there on the backside with no fun. He says that he is having cereals that taste moreover like the poetry of an unpopular teenager.

In the end he talked about Denny’s kids’ menu which defines the characters in a hallucinatory re-imagining, hilarious and long manner. Thus, nothing as such routed through Denny’s.

Between the show Oswalt talked about the contractor, Oddball who is working at his home. That he misses the Star Wars as he needs to attend the art fair at his young daughter’s school. He said about hiking and how to be like an American dad. Very wisely he brushes the part life of Trump by passing a quick remark that money in a train crash.

There is a changed Patton Oswalt not like earlier one who is acid-tongued and brash. Now he is more domesticated and created the content. It could be possible that he may love everything. That gives more power to him. As if a person is happy then humor will come automatically with happiness.

Written by Neha Garg