Dubai’s Sheikha Latifa issues video from ‘villa jail’- BBC Panorama

On Tuesday, the BBC’s investigative news show Panorama had published a video of Sheikha Latifa, who is a daughter of one of the rulers of Dubai. As per the reports, she was held in a barricaded villa against her will. Her full name is Sheikha Latifa bint Mohammed al-Maktoum. She is the same lady who drew attention in 2018 with a video showing her attempt to escape Dubai. The video was released by a human rights group.

Last March, a London High Court judge has accepted that a series of allegations made by Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum’s former wife, Princess Haya, it is proved that the ruler ordered the abduction of Latifa. But the ruler’s lawyers have rejected all the allegations.

In the recent video released, Latifa can be seen saying that she is a hostage in a villa that is converted into a jail. She mentioned that all the windows are barred shut and she cannot even open any window. She also said that she had to make the video in the bathroom, as that was the only place where she can lock herself in private.

Reuters could not independently verify as to when/where the video was recorded. The smuggling of a phone to Latifa was made possible by ‘The Free Latifa’ campaign people. One of the co-founders of the campaign, David Haigh has called for her immediate release and put an end to the horrendous period of human rights and parental abuse which has significantly damaged UAE’s reputation.

The ruler’s law firm when questioned about the video, hasn’t responded for comment. It is noteworthy that Latifa looked alert and calm while shooting the video and said that the villa was stationed with policemen both inside and outside the villa. And, concluded the video by saying that she wants to be free.

Back in December 2018, the UAE foreign ministry said that Latifa was living with her family at her own home, in response to the human rights group had called up the authorities in the Gulf Arab state to give details of her whereabouts.

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