Eero’s flagship Pro 6E mesh router is its lowest price yet

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This Friday, our deals are yielding some WiFi gains. If you’re looking for a fast mesh Wi-Fi router or an upgrade to your existing one, you now have some discounted options from Eero. Amazon-owned Eero is running a pre-Prime Day sale where the latest and greatest models are reduced to their lowest prices until July 11 for Prime members. Will these early Prime Day deals pale in comparison to the discounts when Prime Day actually falls on the 12th and 13th? We’ll find out soon enough together, but these deals are too good not share with you now.

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Let’s start with the top model. The Pro 6E is Eero’s latest router and supports the wider 6GHz band to achieve faster speeds on supported devices. It also claims to deliver gigabit wifi speed or more than two gigabit speed if you are wired to the router. (Your actual speed will of course depend on the service you have.) If you need speed, the 6E is your best bet. It normally sells for $299 for a single router, but a single Pro 6E is hitting a new low of $179 at Amazon. That’s $120 off, with coverage up to 2,000 square feet.

Need more coverage than that? A two-pack to cover twice the area is $299 ($200 off). Finally, a three-pack gets the biggest discount, from $699 to $419. Whichever package you choose, you’ll have a Wi-Fi setup that supports more than 100 connected devices on your home network. Read our review

Eeros flagship pro 6e mesh router is its lowest price

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Eero Pro 6E Tri Band Router

Eero’s Pro 6E mesh router is the latest flagship model from the Amazon-owned company, and it supports the 6GHz Wi-Fi band at speeds up to 1.3 Gbps and covers up to 2,000 square feet with a single unit. Wired speeds can go up to 2.5 Gbps.

If the Pro 6E is a bit too expensive, Eero’s discounts for Prime members also apply to the last-generation Pro 6 and Eero 6 line. The discounts aren’t that great, but they’re still good deals in our book. A single Eero Pro 6 now costs $148 at Amazon, compared to the regular $229. If you need to switch to a two-pack or three-pack, you can get them for $259 ($140 off) and $389 (off) respectively. $210 off). Finally, if you don’t feel like you need the latest specs and just want something affordable that covers almost every home with a Wi-Fi 6 signal, the basic Eero 6 with two extenders costs just $159 ($40 off). ) at Amazon. Read our review of the Eero Pro 6

1656690797 658 eeros flagship pro 6e mesh router is its lowest price

Eero Pro 6 Tri-Band Mesh WiFi Router

A lone Eero Pro 6 router delivers all the benefits of its near gigabit speeds and convenient interface, with room to grow the system via added extenders.

Want to really up your podcast game or at least show off your silky smooth voice during Zoom calls? While the Shure SM7B is the holy grail that many people are obsessed with — it’s the one most people use for big-budget podcasts — Shure’s MV7 is its almost equally talented younger sibling. You can get a Shure MV7 in black or silver for $219 at Amazon or B&H Photo, saving you $30.

This model gives you most of the same benefits and sound with a lot less hassle. The Shure MV7 supports plug-and-play control via USB – compared to the SM7B, which only uses XLR and requires an audio interface to cancel the low output signal. The MV7 starts at a lower price and is on sale now for the best deal since the holiday season. You essentially get some of that SM7B signature sound in a much more user-friendly package for about half the cost of the SM7B microphone alone.

1656690797 747 eeros flagship pro 6e mesh router is its lowest price

Shure MV7

A dynamic microphone with both USB and XLR outputs for use with computers and professional interfaces. Includes a headphone jack for real-time monitoring of your voice.

The affordable Hisense 55-inch U8G ULED TV is even more affordable now that it’s about $100 off at Amazon. This 4K TV supports a fast refresh rate of 120 Hz, Dolby Vision HDR and has full-array local dimming for a more realistic and accurate picture. It also has HDMI 2.1 ports and a variable refresh rate for your high-end gaming needs. The latter is especially useful for maintaining smooth frame rates in games like Elden Ringwhich have some resource-intensive spots in the open world that are known to drop frames.

On the smart side of things, the U8G runs Android TV so you may not have to bother with hooking up a streaming device to it – leaving all four HDMI ports fair game for consoles, soundbars or whatever. you even need.

Eeros flagship pro 6e mesh router is its lowest price

Hisense ULED U8G Smart TV (55″)

The 2021 Hisense U8G 55-inch 4K HDR Android TV offers a bright ULED panel, a refresh rate of 120 Hz with support for Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision, and four HDMI ports.

The Lenovo Flex 5 Chromebook continues to fall to new low prices and is now hitting the clearance section at Best Buy for just $243.99. We saw it sell for $279 before, but today it’s a little cheaper, a total of $175 off. This mid-range Chromebook has a great backlit keyboard so you can see it in the dark. It also has USB-C ports on both sides and a 1080p touchscreen that folds back into a tent mode (hence the “flex” name). It is powered by an Intel Pentium 7505 CPU, 4 GB RAM and has a 32 GB SSD. Read our review

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