Eiffel Tower Evacuated, Barricaded After Bomb Threat


Following a bomb alert in Paris, the local law enforcement has urged people to clear the Seventh Arrondissement area, the location of the Eiffel Tower for the time being. The Paris police have evacuated the place and are securing the area near the Tower.

The step was taken as a precautionary measure after there was a phone-in bomb threat. Mostly all the streets near the tourist landmark are barricaded, and the bridge stretching across the Seine River to Trocadero Plaza is also temporarily closed. 

According to Amaury Bucco, a French journalist, an unidentified person had threatened to blow everything up outside the Eiffel Tower. The police investigation is on according to the reports. 

This is not the first time when the tourist place is facing such threats. In May 2018 too, a similar threat was reported which was later found to be a hoax. Also, in 2017 a suspicious was found near the Tower, but the bomb squad found it to be nothing dangerous.