Elizabeth Smart opens up about sharing her kidnapping story with her children

The 33-year-old author and activist have recently expanded her resume in a rather surprising way, as she was unveiled as the latest castoff on Fox’s The Masked Dancer on January 13. She is playing Miss Moth in the competition series. In an interview she has spoken on how, the mother of three is trying to open up about her abduction story to her kids, as she never wants to hide her past from the kids.

She has started sharing her story of getting kidnapped as a teen, to her oldest child, Chloe, who is just 5-year-old. Elizabeth said that she always gauge as to how much to tell her about anything and everything happening around her.

She believes that everyone has a past and something has happened to all people at some point in their lives, which they have struggled and strived through. So sharing past with kids is important, but it shall not be done, at once. It shall be age-appropriate and to the best of the ability of the child to grasp and understand.

She said that her traumatic experience has made her a more vigilant parent and she is more into helicopter parenting and shall never regret checking on her three kids Chloe, James, and Olivia. She might regret not spending enough time with them and her experience of life had made her understand the importance of being a more conscious parent.

When asked about her stint on the show, The Masked Dancer, she admitted that it was by far the most terrifying thing which she has done voluntarily. But at the same time, she felt that it would be like a tribute to her late grandma, who was an avid dancer and passed away last year.

She said that her granny wasn’t scared of anything and that she too wanted to look back on life and feel the same. She said that for all the serious things she has done in her life, she wants to look back and have a laugh.

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