Enable cross-save with your Destiny 2 data

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When you’re playing Lot 2 on more than one platform, allowing cross-save to allow you to keep your progress no matter what platform you’re playing on, meaning you can finally move your Guardians, with all their loot, to another platform and freely jump between console and PC at your leisure. Here’s how to do it, whether you want to transfer your account information between a PC and console or vice versa.

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First, there are a few important disclaimers to keep in mind before proceeding to enable cross-save for your account:

  • While the free-to-play release of Lot 2called Destiny 2: New Light, means that you don’t need to purchase multiple copies of the base game to play on different platforms, but rather purchase duplicate copies of expansion-based content. The limited content includes exotic weapons and armor, location-specific loot pools, raids and dungeons.
  • What is and is not included as part of? Lot 2‘s free content is often quite muddled. Not paying is still an option though and will allow you to participate in seasonal stories and events as well as PvP content and world loot pools.
  • In addition, any silver (Lot 2paid in-game currency) previously purchased will remain locked to your original platform and are non-transferable. So you may want to redeem your Silver before transferring your saved data.
  • If you are already playing Lot 2 on two platforms, activating cross-save will overwrite the Guardians on one of those platforms. However, Bungie says in its FAQ that cross-save can be disabled if you want to get your old characters back. If you do disable cross-save, you must wait 90 days before you can re-enable it.

Enable cross save?

  • Go to Bungie’s Cross-Save login page. You want to sign up first with the platform on which you have your most important Lot 2 (with your favorite Guardians) data linked to, be it PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Steam or Stadia.
  • Then log in to the account on the platform(s) to which you want to expand your account. For example, if you start with a PSN and add an Xbox Live account, sign in to your PlayStation account first, then your Xbox account.

Enable cross save with your destiny 2 data

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Sign in with the account you want to serve as your main hub

  • Regardless of which platform you switch to, Bungie goes out of its way by asking you multiple times if you really want to go through with enabling cross-save. It also asks you to agree to the terms stating what Bungie will do with your data and to confirm that you give the company the right to do so.

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Enabling cross-save requires accepting an EULA from Bungie

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Once you’ve verified your other accounts, your cross-save hub should look something like this

Shortly after you agree, you will be able to access your account from the new platforms, assuming you have purchased Lot 2 to play on it. When you log into your Bungie account online, you can easily see which platforms have access to which content. chaBungie offers useful links on its site where you can buy back the expansions and season passes.

Update March 13, 2021, 5:30 PM ET: This article was originally published on August 22, 2019 and has been updated to reflect changes in the game.

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